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16 May 2017
4.1 and up
34.52 M

Master trading with virtual cash, follow heroes and compete with your friends. Switch to LIVE mode to start trading real money with short selling and leveraged trading.

Rise up the leaderboards and become a TradeHero to gain followers! You can also follow Heroes to get their tips and ideas for trading. When you feel ready, toggle the LIVE button and start dealing with real money.

Why TradeHero?
• Start off practicing in virtual mode with a $100K virtual portfolio and learn how to trade on the financial markets
• In virtual mode: you get to trade with quotes across 35 stock exchanges and 38 currency pairs
• Unlock achievements and win real cash prizes in virtual trading competitions
• When you’re ready, toggle to LIVE mode, fund your account and start trading real money
• Use tools such as short selling, margin buying, or stop loss orders to maximise your profits
• Invest in Equities, Indices, Currencies, and Commodities
• Follow Heroes who match your risk profile and profit expectations
• Tight spreads, low funding & rollover costs
• Participate in discussions about the financial markets, get the latest stock market news, and extend your knowledge

*T&Cs apply

TradeHero is probably one of the best startup ideas in Singapore. With TradeHero, users can essentially replicate the behavior of other successful traders many times over, thus empowering and incentivising TradeHero’s users on both ends.”
– Tech in Asia

“TradeHero has worked with Singapore Exchange to develop a series of videos to educate users on the ABCs of trading. They are available on the TradeHero app and YouTube.“
– AsiaOne News

TradeHero, a fantasy stock market app, offers investment enthusiasts a social community where validated trading strategies are available to learn and replicate in real-life trading.
– Tech in Asia

Risk Warning

All TradeHero users start with a TradeHero Virtual account. TradeHero dollars is a virtual currency so users are not at risk of losing money. When you become a real money trader, referred to as a TradeHero LIVE user, the following risk warning applies.

CFDs are high risk investments. Your capital is at risk. CFDs are not suitable for all investors and you should ensure that you understand the risks involved, and if necessary obtain independent financial advice to ensure that these products fit your investment objectives.

TradeHero is a trading name of ayondo markets Limited. ayondo markets Limited is a company registered in England and Wales under company registration number 03148972. ayondo markets Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, FCA Register number 184333.

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What’s New
    The long-awaited LIVE trading feature is finally available in TradeHero! Now you can trade with real money, short selling, leverage, more stocks, indices, more FX pairs through CFDs, and many, many more cool new features.

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